Emmy Sharing in Berlin

Berlin is on the front line when it comes to urban mobility. You can easily find all sorts of services across car sharing, scooter and bike sharing all over the city. And if you live in Berlin, you’ve probably noticed a number of flame-red e-scooters going around the city, right? Let’s get to know Emmy sharing! These two seater scooters are perfect for short trips in your Kiez.

emmy sharing berlin

Where can you use an Emmy Scooter?

Although Emmy sharing is a Berlin-based company, Emmy scooters can be rented in different cities around Germany. You’ll find them around Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. But watch out, in some cities Emmy is named differently: in Düsseldorf it’s called Eddy.

If you’re using Free2Move, you just need to login your information in the app once, and you’ll be able to use Emmy services in all cities. If you never tried Free2Move, here’s your chance! It lets you access, compare and book all shared vehicles in Berlin: from cars to scooters or bikes.

Ride Emmy scooters

First things first: how do you register?

Sign up

You can either sign up on the web or with the Emmy mobile app. Have you driver’s license and some sort of ID or passport ready for the next step.

ID verification

After signing up, you’ll need to verify your driver’s license.

Pro-tip: You can register to Emmy sharing through the Free2Move. You’ll have to follow the same steps but you’ll be able to register for multiple providers at the same time, like DriveNow, Car2go, Ubeeqo or even NextBike.

Getting started with Emmy

Find your scooter, book and drive it.

Once you’re all set up and got your account approved, it’s time to start driving! You can open your Emmy or Free2Move app to find the closest scooter. Reserving is free of charge for the first 15 minutes.

Start your rental and open the helmet box with the app. As well as two helmets, the key to the scooter is in the helmet box. You can now plug in the key to start the engine and push the red switch to “on”. After that, just pull the brake and press the “up” switch.

After arriving at your destination, park the car on a sidewalk (of course don’t just put it in the middle of sidewalk!) and end your booking in the app. Make sure to put the key and helmets back in the helmet box.

Pro-tip: You’ll find 2 helmets in the box, so you can give a friend a ride, too!

Signup Emmy sharing berlin

Park the scooter in Emmy’s business area

Emmy scooters can be parked all around Berlin within the S-Bahn-Ring.

How much does it cost to drive an Emmy scooter in Berlin?


There’s a one-time registration fee of €10. But if you sign up through Free2Move, you get to register for FREE and save €10! Like most of the free-floating sharing mobility services, you’ll be paying by the minute. You will be charged €0.19 per minute and if you end up driving the whole day, you’ll pay €24.


There are no parking fees. If you decided to park the scooter and re-use it later, instead of ending you rental, you can “park” it and pay €0.05 per minute while it’s parked.

Insurance & battery

  • By driving an Emmy scooter, you are automatically insured with a deductible of maximum €250.
  • You don’t need to charge the battery, Emmy does it for you. Just check the battery level of your scooter on the app before reserving it.

Pro-tip: 1% charge lasts a riding distance of about 1 km!

You’ll find ALL the information you need regarding any other additional costs as lost helmets here.

Did you know you can find other scooter sharing providers in Berlin like COUP? I would definetly recommend you give Free2Move app a go, you’ll be able to compare vehicles to find the closest & cheapest ride every time. PLUS, you’ll find great offers from different providers in the city! If you’re also interested in renting cars, here’s a great overview of carsharing in Berlin.

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